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    L.O.L Empty L.O.L

    Post by BobJeff9963 on Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:33 am

    Making a new LOL topic (League of Legends) cause the other ones are really old.

    So who actually plays? Ive started yesterday and its really fun. I suck ofc Very Happy

    If anyone plays add me ZSkylordZ Very Happy Talk about it in here if you do play? Whats your favourite champion and stuff?

    I really like Kayle, she can hold her own easily when you get the skills upgraded, i can take about 30-50 minons all at once on my own
    and basically take no damage

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    L.O.L Empty Re: L.O.L

    Post by pokemonb02 on Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:46 am

    Started Playing : September or December of 2012
     User : LegendB02
    Champion(s) played : Zed , Twisted Fate , and  Jayce

    Zed (AD) : His moveset is great. It allows for high mobility ,great plays, and more. If you can play Zed correctly with the right build he can be a monster. I usually play Zed the most, as he is my 
    favorite champion.
    Longest Game : 60 Minutes + 20/3/15 ( Around )

    Twisted Fate (AP) : His early game is not the best but down the road he is a demon. I like how Riot incorporated his moves using cards. Twisted Fate changes the game. With his great moves and his high mobility from his global ultimate.
    Longest Game : 50 Minutes + 16/2/20 ( Around )

    Jayce (AD) : Jayce has a very flexible move set. Allowing him to travel very quickly in fact. His moves allow him to assist well in fights. He allows himself to get great mobility along with his teammates. Whenever in battle he can dish out and poke great damage towards the enemy changing the course of battle.
    Longest Game : 40 Minutes + 15/7/15 ( Around )

    Those our my favorite champions.
    1st ) Zed 
    2nd ) Jayce 
    3rd ) Twisted Fate

    Favorite Champions for Lane specificily
    Top : Zed
    Jungle : Jarvan IV
    Mid : Twisted Fate
    ADC : Draven
    Support : Thresh

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    L.O.L Empty Re: L.O.L

    Post by Mersumies on Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:29 pm

    I quit LoL mainly because it just didn't run at more than 10 FPS
    But you should try playing Warwick

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    L.O.L Empty Re: L.O.L

    Post by Sponsored content

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