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    Want me to build a rail to your town?


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    Want me to build a rail to your town?

    Post by thek826 on Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:09 pm

    Hi guys! Like last time, I am building many rails to several locations. However, instead of having to wait for me to approach you (I probably won't do that much if at all this time around), you can simply request to be connected to Zidocraft's Citi Rail Network! Smile

    Warps are very expensive ($25k!!!!) and require you to have at least 6 people with a house/shop in your town or marketplace. On the other hand, buying a rail line from me is much cheaper! I charge $7k per rail line Very Happy
    There is no minimum amount of residents you need in your town before I build the rail. This is actually a great way to attract enough residents so you can get the minimum amount to buy a warp, but even if you do have a warp this is advantageous!
    I will build a rail to anything, not just towns/marketplaces!

    Normal Rail Line - Simple Stone Brick rail line. Depending on the location of the rail I will make it a sky rail (like the previous HillValley-Manhattan rail or the current Spawn-Manhattan rail) or an underwater rail (like most of the ones you saw last map) - $7k

    Underground Rail Line - For people who don't want the rail to be visible in your town; will be built out of stone by default. - $8k

    Specific Building Material - I may change the building material of the rail line to the material requested - Extra $1k

    Specific Rail Stations - By default I will build the rail line to the nearest Citi Metro Station, but obviously certain stations receive more traffic than others. It will not cost extra to build to any of these if they are the closest rail stations!
    A request to Manhattan (Grand Central) is an extra 3k and a request to SpawnCity is an extra 8k.

    By purchasing a rail line you must either provide me with a rail station (if you want to make sure the metro station looks the way you want it to look) or a space for me to build a rail station.
    (That's literally the only requirement!)

    You're also agreeing to allow me to build more rails to your station (no you won't have to pay for it unless you were the one who ordered the rail), but this is a good thing honestly as it might bring you more traffic!

    Legal Notes:
    Considering I built them for free most of the time last map and there was never a hint of people being scared that this wasn't allowed, yes this is most definitely allowed.
    This is primarily being done for increasing economic development. Rails can speed up economic growth by bringing more people to more centers of commerce. Personal profit is really only there to give me an incentive to do this (rails can be really annoying to build; especially underground rails).

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